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AURA™ Nutrition is a Canadian company made by women for women. They offer a range of clean, holistic, nutrition focused products with an emphasis on plant based. Click here to shop! They offer FREE shipping on all orders over $29

25g of protein per serving
A complete protein supplement to help build lean muscle and assist in recovery, post-workout.
Fuel for your body
Our protein is athlete tested with a blend of calcium, and fermented ingredients.  The perfect support and macro nutrient profile for the female body.
No added sugar
We use natural vanilla for our delicious smooth taste and 0g of sugar per serving!
Good for your digestion
100mg of papaya and pineapple with a unique enzyme blend

We’re focused on creating high-quality products for everyday use while providing information, inspiration, and support for your lifetime journey in good health.

AURA Nutrition

Another favourite product is their AURA™ Energy. AURA™ Energy is an MCT (coconut oil) powder designed to provide an immediate energy boost. MCT oils are quickly used by the body for energy. Add a scoop to your morning coffee, latte or smoothie for extra energy to start your day.

Natural source of energy without the crash of caffeine 
Improves concentration and focus
Weight control (helps you feel fuller longer)
Powder can be added to beverages or baked goods unlike its oil counterpart 
Creamy mouthfeel (not greasy)

Feel free to reach out via the information on our contact page with any questions.


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