Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs that help balance our bodies especially during times of stress. There are many many herbs that can be used to balance the body’s stress repsonse, one of them (and my favourite) is Rhodiola.

Rhodiola use dates back thousands of years. The Vikings, for example, used it for endurance and strength during their voyages. Russian olympians used it to improve their performance and the Greeks used it to increase strength for battle. The common theme among all these uses is enhancing energy and stamina, endurance, mental performance and over-all well being.

Rhodiola grows in cold climates. It can be found in Eastern North America, Northern Europe and Asia. It grows on mountains and at high altitude.

Using Rhodiola for energy

Due to Rhodiola’s ability to balance the body, it is excellent for energy support especially during times of stress. Rhodiola promotes over-all well being and helps to increase mental accuracy. You might find rhodiola in some adrenal support supplements .

Using Rhodiola for stress

Rhodiola has been found to increases levels of certain neurotransmitters that help improve mood. These include serotonin, dopmaine and norepinephrine. An improvement in mood is beneficial when we are dealing with stress. Because rhodiola also helps enhance over-all well being and mental performance, it is used during times of stress either on it’s own or in an adrenal support formula.

Using Rhodiola for performance

Rhodiola is effective for physical performance. I loved using Rhodiola when I was running long distance. I found it helped with my energy and stamina and gave me the mental focus I needed to continue. Rhodiola helps to improve how our muscles use oxygen (increases the rate) and helps to reduce cortisol levels. Exercise is a form of physical stress on our body and cortisol levels naturally rise when we exercise. Rhodiola helps keep it balanced to improve your performance and recovery.

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