The Amazing Benefits of Propolis

You know about honey and beeswax and bee pollen but what about propolis? Propolis is a resin bees collect from plants (think trees) to help seal their hives with. Because bees collect this resin from varying trees, hundreds of compounds make up propolis.

The majority of compounds in propolis are antioxidants which protect our cells. It also contains vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins and magnesium. It is an antibacterial and antiviral substance that can be used as a supplement for colds and flu. If you’re sick, it works well for sore throats and can be found as a throat spray. It can also be used for cold cores, gut issues such as inflammation and H. Pylori and oral health.

When using any bee products, ensure they are fresh. They should always be in tightly sealed containers and from suppliers who specialize in bee products. If you’re using bee products (such as pollen) for allergies, be sure to use a locally sourced product so it’s most effective.

For some further information on propolis click here.

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